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This game is a modern alternative to the conventional Paper Chase. At this, the players move along an elaborated route from checkpoint to checkpoint, equipped with an android device. At each checkpoint they have to solve a riddle. Only with a correct answer the route can be proceeded. At each checkpoint a describing and the associated question will be displayed. In addition, some hints like an image and/or the GPS coordinates with a calculated distance to the next checkpoint optionally can be displayed. The goal of the game is to arrive all checkpoints as fast as possible. Paper Chase is perfectly suitable for children's birthday parties or guided city tours and a groovy alternative to geocaching. The game requires an android device with sd card. Elaborated routes can be transmitted to another android devices. Camera, GPS- and telephone functions are not urgent required.

Here you can download elaborated routes.

The zip files have to be unzipped with a filemanager program (e.g. Astro) in the applications directory.

Kiel (Demo) / Solution